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Drastic Changes In Multifamily And Mixed-Use
California Landmark CEO Ken Kahan takes the idea of a sharing economy a step further to predict a convergence of spaces into one complex organism (the idea isn’t just science fiction anymore). In 20 years, apartments, hotels and creative office buildings will be passe, with tenants instead flocking to buildings with large common areas that bring together the amenities of a hotel lobby with co-working space. Restaurants will be nearby or a part of the complex and tenants will have tiny sleeping quarters, he predicts, where they can hole up for an average of two months or so before traveling on to their next destination/residence.

Such convergence will make hotels obsolete and stand-alone offices seem isolated, he says. The ideas aren’t so far-fetched when we look at the shifts that have already occurred (including the introduction of WeWork’s WeLive co-living concept, above).

Construction Advances

We’re already seeing the use of prefabricated panels and systems that allow structures to go up much more quickly than before (including the award-winning 47+7 in Seattle, above). But the future could hold even more change, with modular housing rising up in a matter of months in a cost-effective manner that will help produce more housing stock and address affordability, Ken predicts.

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