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You’ll share this apartment with a stranger — but don’t dare call it a dorm

“Welcome to ‘co-living’ in a time of sky-high rents.”

The first step into a posh new apartment building near Marina del Rey feels like a mistake. There’s no lobby — instead the door opens to a lounge and kitchen.

The idea is to encourage mingling, which is part of the appeal of a building where tenants have their own bedrooms but share common areas with people they don’t know.

But this is not your typical L.A. roommate situation. The bedrooms are spacious, the living rooms are furnished — and the residents are often selected by the landlord.

Welcome to “co-living” in a time of sky-high rents.

The shared economy has transformed how we get around, how we travel, who sits next to us at the office and, now, with whom we share our private spaces.

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